Southern Bank is proud to announce that we are providing our customers with state of the art Image Processing Technology. Laser printing replaced the old conventional printing, and the overall quality and ease of reading is drastically improved. It's the latest in banking convenience...and it's available at no additional cost. Instead of the old bulky envelope full of cancelled checks, you'll receive an image of each of your checks already in numerical order with the date the checks are paid, check number, and check amounts printed underneath each check. We know that you'll enjoy the convenience of our new Image Statements.  To assist you with the transition, we will be providing you with both checks and images for one statement cycle.  Beginning September 15, 2001, we will store your checks on site and send you the images of them.

Here's What Image Processing Can Do For You......

Easier Balancing - Your check images will be provided to you in numbered order to eliminate the need for you to sort checks before you balance your checkbook.
Storage Convenience - Your statements will be pre-punched for insertion into a three ring binder. This reduces storage space and keeps your statements well organized and at your fingertips.
Time Saving Research - We keep permanent records of your statement and check information. When you need a copy of a statement or check, we can provide it much more quickly with this advanced system.
IRS Approved - The Internal Revenue Service accepts copies of checks as official proof of payment.
Laser Printing - Your new Image Statement will be easy to read. For the visually impaired, we can provide larger copies of your checks that are even easier to read.

A Few Common Questions
Q: What is Image Processing?
A: The word "image" is defined as "similar reproduction". Image Processing can then be defined as a process whereby a similar reproduction is made of a similar document. This is made possible through the use of digital technology which captures the image of the document then stores it on optical disks. It becomes a permanent record and can then be reproduced quickly and many times.
Q: How does this benefit ME?
A: Storage is simple! In most cases a full year's statements and checks can be filed in a three ring binder! No more shoeboxes! And you don't have to worry about a check falling out and getting lost. If your images are destroyed or lost, Southern Bank can replace them! You'll also find balancing your account is easier because your checks will already be in numerical order. No more check shuffling!
Q: Will this service raise my fees?
A: NO! Image Checking is an efficient process that will drastically improve retrieval time and research is immediate. Imaging enhances our customer service to make your banking experiences at Southern Bank easier and more convenient.
Q: Do I receive my checks back?
A: YES! Just in a different format, an image. We know that you will enjoy the convenience of image statements. At Southern Bank, we're just making things easier.


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