Red Carpet Checking

$7.00 per month includes the following:

    *400 Personalized Checks & Deposits Slips per year

    *$10,000 Insurance Coverage

    *Scheduled Airline Coverage

    *Credit Card registration

    *Lost Key return

    *Special membership card

    *Nationwide Discounts

    *Money Management Counseling

    *50% Discount on Money Orders

    *50% Discount on Cashier’s Checks

    *No Fees on Traveler’s Checks

    *Car rental Discounts

    *No charge on Notary Service

    *$5.00 Savings Account for Each newborn child

    *Automatic Loan Payments

    *No fee on photocopies up to ten a month

    *No fee on stop payments

    *10% Discount of Safe Deposit Rental


Limitations:  You must deposit $100.00 to open this account


Account Fees:  A monthly service charge of $7.00 covers a $10,000 Insurance Policy.  If there are two account owners, each could have $5,000.00 in coverage.  A monthly service charge of $8.00 covers a $20,000.00 Insurance Policy and a $9.00 monthly service charge covers a $30,000.00 Insurance Policy.


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